Check Your Child's Eligibility in the Form Below

    The team at Sandstone Point Dental believes that all children should have access to the dentist in order to prevent dental issues early in life. Often, dental decay and gum disease can be present even in the absence of pain or other symptoms.

    At Sandstone Point Dental, we are proud to announce that we will be BULK BILLING all children who are Eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS).

    Each child is eligible for up to $1000 worth of general dental treatment (including check ups, x-rays, preventative fissure seals, fillings and dental extractions) over 2 consecutive calendar years.

    Starting in 2014, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule has helped 3.4 million eligible children between the years of 2-17 access private dental clinics to maintain and improve their oral health.

    Alternatively, you can fill out the Online Eligibility Form and one of our lovely staff members will call you back soon!

    Please click the below link for more information: